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Castles near Warsaw – Czersk , Liw, Inowłódz, Ciechanów What to choose?


In the vicinity of Warsaw you will find a few Castels. Unfortunately, many of them are heavily damaged, but they still form an excellent scenery for historical events. It is worth visiting them during historical reconstructions. For a short one-day trip from Warsaw, we recommend the Czersk Castle, Inowłódz Castle and Liw Castle. Another hidden gen is Szydłowiec Castlel but this one is Renaissance one.

Castle Czersk. Some interesting Historic events

The Czersk Castle is the first choice if we are looking for castles in the vicinity of Warsaw. We will come here quickly, which is also interesting to come here with a bicycle. The bicycle route leads along the Vistula, along the way, we can visit the beautiful Vistula Beach of Ciszyca.

The most beautiful natural beaches on the Vistula River near Warsaw – Ciszyca, Łomna

The Czersk Castle is one of the most interesting medieval strongholds associated with the former Mazovia duchy. Mazovian Dragon Viverna is a symbol that we can find on the Czersk castel flags.

It is worth coming to the castle during historical events, knights’ tournaments. There are usually a few, we start in May, a large tournament usually organized also in September. The season of historical events ends with the days of the European Heritage Days.

A new event on the castle of Czersk is also the „Night of horror” at the castle, which traditionally takes place near Halloween. The castle is then beautifully illuminated, Fire-show also takes place.

Castle Inowłódż – a beautiful place in the land of the Pilica River

Not far because its barely an hour from Warsaw. We find the ruins of the Inowłódz Castle. The town is charmingly located above Pilica river, the Roman Church is glowing. You can also spend a day on the beach on the Pilica or go on canoeing. This is one of the most beautiful routes for kayaks near Warsaw.

A visit to the Inowłódz Castle is worth planning during historical events that are regularly orbed here. Especially interesting is a picnic with „medieval professionals”, we can learn history live. Naturally, the knights are also taking place.

The event is usually organized in the last week of June, last year exceptionally due to Covid took place in October. It will be possible that it will also be similar event in 2021.

Liw Castle – in the magnificent land of the Liwiec rivier to connect with kayaks

The Liw Castle is the owner of a small watchtower between the Twelvers of Polish and Lithuania. Its great advantage is the combination over the river’s Liwiec.

We can also count on interesting historical events. Medieval tournaments are held here as well as culinary courts. The  one is the Taste tournament at the Liw Castle. Usually takes place before the holidays, in 2020 it took place in September.

We have several other interesting attractions in the area of ​​Liw Castle. An especially beautiful view can be found from the viewpoint of Sowia Góra.

It is also worth going to the open-air housing Skansen in Nowa Sucha, this is a great place. Especially for photographers, we will not find crowds here.

An excellent idea is also kayaks on the river. Water is clean. We also have a lot of beaches on which we can rest. Canoeing can end just at the Castle of Liw.

Family-friendly kayaking routes near to Warsaw – interesting recommendations

Other castles in the vicinity of Warsaw – Ciechanów, Janowiec, Besiekiery, Chęciny, Opatów

In the vicinity of Warsaw, we will also find Ciechanów Castle. Unfortunately, it is not so heavily interesting to rarely take place here also decent events, it causes that the place is not as interesting as Inowłódz, Czersk or Liw.

A little further away from Warsaw, we will find further spots. A few of them are especially worth mentioning. For several years, the tourist offer has been firmly enriched by the castle of Chęciny. It is worth choosing a special night tour. It usually takes place once a month. We will reach the castle quite quickly thanks to the new expressway. A lot of other tourist attractions await us around Kielce city.

The Besiekery Castle, it’s something for connoisseurs, the castle ruins are surrounded by water gives you a beautiful picture. Tournaments also take place in Besiekiery.


The Iłża castle is another castle to which we get to less than 2 hours. Beautifully sit on the top of the city of Iłża. At the bottom you will find a small lake where we can rest, take a break.

Janowiec Castle, worth visiting during the Wine Day, traditionally takes place at the end of May. We have the opportunity to try wines produced in vineyards in the vicinity of Warsaw. In the vicinity of Janowiec, we also find an amusement park for small children Magic gardens(Magiczne Ogrody). In the summer river ferry works here so You can cross the river and go to one of the most popular weekend destinations Kazimierz Dolny.

Beautiful small resistance castle Oporów  and Szydłowiec

Oporów castle – this is one of the nioves of castles that survived the war. However, this is not a great stronghold, or rather the seat worthy of important officials(bishops). The castle has its charm is surrounded by a moat. We will do a beautiful photos here we can also spend on the spot. A place just ideal for a romantic weekend from Warsaw. Nearby, you’ll also find Zdworskie lake, you can also visit charming Łowicz on the way to/back from Warsaw.

Szydłowiec Castle, a little similar to the castle in Oporów. Also placed on the island. Looks perfectly and it is not from the Middle Ages but from the Renaissance period. Szydłowiec is one of the towns that are ideally suited for one day trip from Warsaw. The town itself has its own charm and next to it you will also find interesting paths for hiking.Stay tuned, soon we will publish an additional article about attractions in Szydłowiec area.

Ideas how to plan one day trip from Warsaw or get to know hidden gems of the region can be find on our site English version.


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