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Lavender fields in the vicinity of Warsaw, we will find a few of them


Although the area around Warsaw is not associated as a place where lavender is grown, we will find here Lavender fields as well. The two closest to capital are Pod Skowronkami located in Korabawice and Lavendowa Dolina near to Kołbieli.

Pod Skowronkami – Direction South – West from Warsaw – 1 Hour Drive

The nearest Warsaw Lavender field is Pod  Skowronkami in Korabiewice. Thanks to the A2 motorway, we will get here less than an hour. July is the best time for a visit. Lavender just begins to bloom, now we can enjoy her beautiful view and smell.

Pod Skowronkami we will find several lavender varieties. Different shades of lavender color as well as different odors are the effect of work on the expansion of the offer. On-site, we can buy cuttings and listen to cultivation and conditions that will ensure optimal flowering of these beautiful flowers. The best time for the purchase of seedlings, however, is the beginning of the season, the period before the blooming flowers. So if we want to plan our own lavender bushes, we must go to place in April / May.

In addition to the seedlings, we buy ready-made, small bouquets, fragrance pillows, spreading at home a pleasant lavender smell, as well as braided, colorful fuses / sachets. We can also buy a lavender wreath, but it is quite expensive, because there is a serious amount of lavender to its product.

Lavender is also a beautiful scenery for fans of photography. The more so that insects are numerous in the near lavender flowers, mainly farts, and butterflies appear in the windless days. It happens that hundreds are accumulated in the area of ​​lavender bushes.

Pod Skowronkami  we will buy not only everything related to lavender. We also have herbs, fresh rucola, basil, mustard and many others, including lesser herbs, which can be an inspiration for our kitchen.

Interesting places near Korabiewice

Korabiewice is located near the industrial pearl city of Żyrardów, Marian and Bolimowski Landscape Park. A visit to the lavender plantation can be placed in the visits of these interesting places. There are also Skierniewice with a steam engine historical spot and a beautiful Rawka River. Near to Skierwniewice we will find a unique Rawka river beach called Oberwanka – beautiful spot to take a rest.

Lavendowa Dolina – Direction South East from Warsaw – Now Around Half Hour Drive

Lavendowa Dolina  is located near Kołbieli city southeast of Warsaw. Thanks to the Express Road  S17 recently opened, we will reach this place in 30 min time. Cyclists can also go to place a regional railway.

Lavendowa Dolina  is distinguished by the competition with a rich offer of workshops and events. So we have the opening of the lavender season, lavender rows and even cosmetic workshops. On the latter we will prepare our own lavender soap.As on other lavender fields in the vicinity of Warsaw, we can buy seedlings and lavender products that will make autumn winter evenings.

Kołbiel is located in the land of the Świder River, this subregion is much less popular, because until recently,it was difficult to reach from capital and the drive could take more then hour vs 30 min now. It is also not available for canoeists, which causes that we will not find crowds here.

We recommend after a visit to the Lawendowa Dolina. Going to the countryside Radachówka where we will find intimate beaches on the Świder. We can also bathe here, water is very clean. This is also an excellent place for cycling and walking excursions.

Przystanek  Lawenda- North Direction Close to Płock

If we live in the northern part of Warsaw / Mazovia is an interesting proposal can be a Przystanek Lawenda near Płock. Hardly a few kilometers from the former historical Capital of Mazovia, in Borowiczek-Pieńki village you will find a beautiful lavender field. A visit to this place is a perfect complement to the weekend trip to Płock. Remember, During the holidays Płock, the tourist organization invites us to weekly, free guided tours. Przystaneklawenda.pl is a professionally run project. We have a rich assortment store here, also lavender oils are also distilled here. The place is also advertised as an excellent photo opener. At the disposal of visitors are also audio materials, approximating lavender theme.

A bit More Distant Place Dworzysk in Podlasie Region

Another interesting lavender place is Dworzysk, Lavender Plantation near Białystok, which we have already written on the portal. We will meet extremely nice owners in Warsaw during the Breakfast Fair. Also in this case, the offer is constantly expanded. Already in July there are places for guests planning to spend more than the time needed for a short visit. Due to newly opened of S8 expressway we can reach Dworzysk in less than 2 hours. A visit here can be a perfect complement to Podlaski’s tramps along the folk handicraft route, visits in the village of Indian Puszczykówka or in the cheese capital of Podlasie Korycin or visiting amazing jewel of Podlasie city of Supraśl.

Lavender plantations have a chance to significantly make the tourist offer of Mazovia and Podlasie. End of June and begging of July are perfect periods to visit lavender fields near Warsaw

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