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Vineyards and Cider spots in the vicinity of Warsaw – some interesting places/events


The surroundings of Warsaw are not famous from Vineyards or Cider spots. However, we will also find such attractions here. The nearest Warsaw vineyard is no further than 30 minutes from the capital. Near Warsaw there are also a perfect place where apples are growing, that why the finest cider is produced here.

Winnica Wieczorków of the first vineyard in the vicinity of Warsaw

Already a few years ago, the first small vineyard was created in the vicinity of Warsaw. A vineyard of Wieczorek family that is located in village of Borek below Kozienice city. There is a tasting room on site, you can also buy wine here.

However, the place became too small to develop a wine-winning business. That’s why the vineyard has gained new areas a few years ago. Today her main heart beats in fact next to Kazimierz Wielki. We even have an intimate cottage here where we can spouses surrounded by guilty shrubs.

Winica Dwórzno – Nearest Warsaw, Tourist Events Attractions also for children

A real leader when it comes to Touristic Activity is a vineyard Dwórzno located near Mszczonów. The vineyard organizes sightseeing and tastings that can be ordered by contacting the owners.

Regularly, we also have wine picnics here(next one 3-4 july), this is an opportunity to buy wine in special promotional prices. At the same time, attractions for children are also organized. They can collect grapes and play with squeezing juice, traditional presses.

In the evening, a visit to the companion of music concerts. The owners are great fans of good music. The vineyard plans to develop a tourism product, perhaps you will soon show an intimate place for tasting and accommodation on the toran of the vineyard.

It is worth visiting Vineyards Dwórzno, nearly find a water settlement Grzegorzewice, a few ponds where we can rest and eat a good fish.

Mazovia vineyard – the youngest on the tourist market (near Warsaw)

New vineyards also appear in the vicinity of Warsaw. The Mazovia vineyard is one of them. It is located in the beautiful land of Pilica river, also no further than an hour from Warsaw.

The owners of the place also wanting to invite tourists. Already last year they organized the first vintage, hopefully, this type of events will be more in the future.

It is worth falling here, for example, after a kayaking on river Pilica to Białobrzegi. In Białobrzegach, we also find a beautiful sandy beach on the Pilica.

Excellent Cider near Warsaw Cider Ignaców and Cider Chyliczki

Region near Grójec for centuries is famous for its excellent apples. That’s why the best cider is produced here. Manufacturers of high-quality cider produce it mainly for connoisseurs as well as restaurants, therefore a regular consumer hardly heard about it and a its a pity.

Cydr Ignaców appears in a small village. Two years ago, we could also visit the place where it is produced. The owners announced further such events. Perfect Cydr Ignaców We also buy in nearby city of Błędów.

If we are in Błędów city, we should visit Błędowskie Rosy is an intimate agrotourism where you can eat excellent apple products. Here also sells Cider, it can not be so perfect. The product as this from Cider Ignaców but  is still good enough.

The place is beautiful, we have a different gardens here, chamber concerts are regularly held. An ideal place to taste a cider.

In the area also produces Cydr of Chliczki, another of the elite Warsaw cider brand, we will buy it in dedicated stores only.

It is worth visiting the surroundings of Grójec and try the perfect Mazovian Cider.

Winery events in the vicinity of Warsaw are usually held in May and autumn. In May, on the Castle in Janowiec, we will find a wine festival. In autumn, Winobranie Kazimierz, events in vineyard Dwórzno and Mazovia.

And already 3-4 July, next  open days  in Cydr Ignaców, it is worth going to Ignaców during the first weekend of July. It will be delicious.

More articles on Touristic attractions and events in the vicinity of Warsaw on our English version of the site.


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