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Brid watching near Warsaw with professional guides from Mazovian Wildlife highly recommended


New tourism-oriented project Mazovian Wildlife is expanding its trips portfolio. Specialized in bird watching trips including kayaking bird watching, is offering also other interesting ideas for wild /nature excursions near Warsaw, as deers /moose observations. Not forgetting about owls, which are typically observed during March.

Mazovian Wildlife fascinating bird watching excursions near Warsaw almost all year round

Mazovian Wildlife was created by people fascinated by everything related to birds their life and seasonal migrations from/to Poland.

Guides are highly experienced and during excursions are telling so many interesting stories about birds we can see with our own eyes.

Almost all bird-watching excursions are organized in the area of Brok and Branszczyk in the vicinity of the Bug river. This fascinating river is home to so many interesting birds. Of course, the high season for bird activity is spring, but we can see a lot of birds even in December. Below are some photos from the last 2021 excursion which took place on the 19th of December.

In April Mazovian Wildlife is scheduling a very interesting excursion when You can see birds migrating from Eastern countries to /via Poland. Bug river is becoming a bird motorway this time of the year, and You can enjoy a lot of birds passing there.

Another interesting tourism idea is bird watching while kayaking, Mazovian Wildifie is organizing this kind of excursion mainly during summer. Capitalizing from very good relations with kayaking center Agroturystyka u Kaflika localized very near to the Mazovian Wildlife base.

Not only bird watching You can also observe deers &mooses  with Mazovian Wildlife

The company has also some other interesting excursions in its portfolio. You can enjoy night excursions for the season of deer male fighting, which occurs at the end of August.

The other interesting trip is the one to follow the big mooses. This animal is becoming more and more popular in Poland and is relatively not afraid of humans as it’s big enough not to feel fear of anyone.

Traditionally in march, we have also the best time to watch owls as it’s also the time of their procreation. For a couple of years in the last week of March, there is a day of owls organized. A lot of forest-related organizations are organizing night trips during that event. Mazovian Wildlife is thinking about that too in 2022.

Another interesting idea is to participate in moths watching during lunar nights. Mazovian wildlife guides have broad knowledge about the insect world too. This kind of observation might be an interesting experience, as moths are coming in dozens when the weather conditions are good.

Mazovian Wildlife in cooperation with other interesting attractions Kayaking and  Kazakhs Yourts

What is also interesting Mazovian Wildlife is developing cooperation with tourism operators in the Brok /Branszczyk region. To make the offer even more attractive and complex, and potentially to start offering the trips which will include also an overnight option.

Cooperation with kayaking center Agroturysytyka u Kaflika is taking place already. The other interesting partnership will be strengthened in 2022. A new place offering overnight in original Kazakhas Yurtas will be operating under the name of Agroturystyka Przy Piecu. Owners are running travel agency Bezkresy specialized in excursions to Eastern Block countries, will provide interesting tourism content to all guests who decide to overnight in their Kazkahs Yurtas.

Mazovian wildlife is one of few attractions providing good service also in English

If You are looking for interesting excursions with professional guides just near Warsaw, Mazovian Wildlife is a perfect match.

Tour Guides are communicating well in English which is still not a standard for other tourism operators offering short trips in the vicinity of Warsaw.

Their knowledge about the birds is incredible and will make a very big impression on You. For sure excursion with Mazovian Wildlife is one of the Must-See lists of tourist attractions near Warsaw. Especially for all who are nature lovers. It’s also a good occasion to know the region which is not massively touristically explored by people living in the Warsaw area.

Hot update – the next excursion Moose observation is planned on sunday 16th of January.

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