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African style lodge glamping just near Warsaw- Bushcamp entering luxury market near capital

The demand for glamping /luxury segment places is growing, clients in Poland are more often looking for special eco-friendly conditions plus special unique experiences. They would like to be part during the stay. The success of this segment is also proven by outperforming results of the Slowhop portal specialized in such unique offers.

Bushcamp is a piece of Africa just near Warsaw

From 2023 we have a new player in this market – located very near Warsaw in the beautiful area of the Bug river region near the city of Brok. This time the place is African style, why? The explanation is really easy, the owners are from years linked to the Polish tourism industry, mainly to Incentive agencies. This fact made it possible to visit all over the world with and for their clients, their dream was to take a part of this experience back to Poland, and so the Bushcamp was born.

Buschamp is composed of dozen of African style/lode tents, built with high attention to detail and quality. Each tent is offering an amazing view of the beautiful countryside of the wild Bug River region.

Buschamp is super eco-friendly, and pets are also warmly welcomed

Another strong advantage of Bushcamp is its focus on eco-friendliness. You will find a lot of high-end technology here, starting from toilets using solutions known from Campers, followed by the zero waste policy, and not only this. As the owners are day by day working with international companies implementing climate-neutral approaches they know how to do it in their own project too. This for sure will be very appreciated by demanding and eco-conscious clients. Last but not least -pets are warmly welcomed here.

Birdwatching is the key attraction here but not only

The Bug River area is known and famous for bird-watching opportunities, it’s also known as the bird’s highway, thousands of birds are moving from east to west using this corridor, and the river is also their sign and place where they can feed and rest.

If we were not in touch with Bird watching before no problem, just near from Bushacamp we can find the base of bird-watching professionals – Mazovian Wildlife project, they can organize excursions for even small groups.

Just 30 min drive from Bushcamp we will find another fantastic place for bird watching in proximity to Warsaw, called Pulwy. This is amazing both in terms of views and the number of birds we can find there.

Not only bird watching kayaking/animal tracking / or traditional wooden boat cruises on the river

Bird watching is only one of the attractions You can enjoy located close to the Bushcamp. The same professional guides from Mazovian Wildlife are offering wild animal tracking including moose and who knows also wolves were seen in the area occasionally. In the nearby forest, You can find other peculiar animals like the biggest Polish snake adder, and the blue-colored frogs. Wildlife is reach there no doubt.

As we are just near to the river kayaking is available too. Bug is a wide and easy-going river for that sport. In the city of Brok there is also a small beach where You can rest after a day or have lunch, local fish and chips bars are also quite well rated, with a good price/quality ratio.

Occasionally You can even find traditional wooden boats navigating in that area. It’s usually when folk concerts are organized in the Wyszków area. On that occasion the wooden fleet of Taxi Wisla is coming from Warsaw, this is also a unique experience, to see and know-how in the old times people were transporting their goods using rivers as fast roads. If You wish You can even contact the Taxi Wisla team and they can organize a tailor-made cruise for You. Good to know that in medieval times near city of Brańszczyk was one of the most important centers of Woden’s transporting fleet a kind of hub/port.

Bushcamp is an ideal place for romantic weekends and small integration events for company leaders

Organized with a high cure for any details and fully eco-oriented makes Bushcamp ideal place for a romantic weekend near Warsaw. It will offer You a unique experience.

Same for incentive and outside company meetings – as the owners have organized thousand of these kinds of meeting all over the world they will meet Your expectations and offer a unique experience to Your teams. Eco friendliness and sustainability are also important here and will be appreciated by the companies which are following these values in their day-to-day activity.

As a kind new project, Buschamp is still developing to offer more experiences and value for its quests, during this first full season we can enjoy special promotions – check the prices on the site.

Good to see that the luxury /glamping segment is enjoying a positive trend in Poland. Bushcamp is good proof of the fact that there is a space for glamping /luxury stay locations near Warsaw.

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