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Archery trainings and archery lessons near Warsaw – New place Wólka Węglowa


Archery is another sport whose popularity increased significantly thanks to the COVID pandemic. So far, in the vicinity of Warsaw, we had few places where you could practice this sport. Even less where you can learn it from the instructors. A new natural arching path was created in Wólka Węglowa very close to Warsaw

Survival lovers to launch new archery spot

For several months, a new Survival base was built in Wólka Węglowa, a unique place in the vicinity of Warsaw. This is where we can learn the basics of Survival, set off for a walk and observe/track wild animals.

Survival lessons for beginners and families near Warsaw

Survival lovers did not stop on it. Using the help of nature, in the form of wonderful sand dunes, they prepared a natural arching path in this place. Arc shooting in natural conditions is even more exciting. In addition, the location also gives a great sense of security, in principle, it was difficult for throwing out to be able to threaten the danger.

Archery classes and trainings regularly twice a week

What an important idea is such that group archery training took place here. At least twice a week. Currently, it is Wednesday and Sunday at 18.00. As part of training, you can freely shoot to the various targets.

An additional option is also individual learning under the supervision of the prepared trainer. It is worth investing in a few lessons to feel free on an archery track. We do not have to buy our own bow for quest disposal there are serveral light bows. Even children can handle them.

Soon 1st archery festivity in place, other to follow

Soon again, on June 26, a unique event was planned. A Archery festival will take place on the new track. The competition for children and a number of other attractions are also planned.

This will be the first event of this type on a new archery track. There will certainly be another one. The place is supported by local authorities they also enjoy a new spot where you can actively spend time.

Archery track in Wólka Węglowa will fill the gap after other archery attractions gone

In Warsaw, we will not find a lot of places where you can practise archery in public. We have already written about Vistula River Archery Path, but this is a place addressed to those who already know archery and have their equipment.

Another interesting place was the Archery 3D path in Fort Bema. We had the opportunity to visit it twice. The place is no longer available for archery amateurs in Warsaw. it may have a new location.

The archery path in Wólka Węglowa has all arguments to complete these shortcomings.

There are plenty arguments for its success. The Survival base allows to combine the activities associated with Survival with these of archery. This is a large added value. Support by local authorities is another strong argument.

Professional approach to the customer will surely go to the retaining arching path in Wólka Węglowa. It is worth trying archery in the vicinity of Warsaw. In the name of real nature lovers we invite You to try it.

Details of training and archery events can be found on the Bielańskie Koło Łucznictwa intuicyjnego. It is also worth observing the host profile of the place Mr Łukasz Tulej.

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