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Balloon excursions near Warsaw spring is the best time to experience it


One of the most interesting tourism experience near Warsaw is without doubt balloon excursions. The overflying beautiful region of Biebrza river will remain with You forever as an unforgettable experience.

Balloons near Warsaw – the best place to observe them is Nałęczów event

Warsaw and Mazovia are rather quite crowded in terms of air traffic so the balloon excursions are quite difficult to organize, especially if we would like to do that in the way to experience spectacular views.

So need to move a little bit to see balloons flying, one of the best ideas to do so is to participate in the annual balloon competition in Nałeczów, just 1hour and 45 min from Warsaw. Nałęczów is easily reachable also by train relation Warsaw – Lublin. In mid-august, there is a 2-3 day international balloon event, during that You can see a dozen balloons overflying Naleczow and its proximity. This is an amazing view. Especially for photographers. During the evening there are also some special night events when balloon owners are showing how ballon is working and also taking people in the air on the fixed to the ground by line balloons.

Balloons excursion near Warsaw – the best idea is Biebrza Region

If You want to enjoy a real balloon excursion You should go to the Biebrza region with the company They do organize excursions from early spring up to late autumn. This is an amazing experience.

Biebrza region is famous for its beautiful nature and the rivers of Biebrza and Narew which are meandering creating idealistic views. There are also plenty of birds and some bigger animals like wolves and ols. It’s worth planning at least a weekend stay there, ideally, to go for the excursion with a local guide – one to recommend is a famous „Witch from the Biebrza region”.

Sometimes is also possible to meet the  team with their balloons nearer to Warsaw, but these are rather one-day events. They were in Otwock last year and also organized a mini-event near Rogów in the Lodzki region, flying over beautiful forests there. To know about these events You have to monitor their social media page or be a group member.

Definitely, it’s worth planning a balloon excursion with them in the Podlasie region, now it’s also much faster to get there, because of express road S8 we can reach the start point is approx 2 hours from Warsaw.

Other Balloons events in smaller places not far from Warsaw

Sometimes there are also some balon events organized by local activists. In the past, we can see one in the proximity of beautifully renovated watermill in Jędrów in swiętokrzyskie region. The owners of the place are big fans of balloons so from time to time they are inviting friends to do some small friendly competition in the region.

We had also hoped that the owners of the beautiful place Młyn Gąsiorowo will also relaunch some ballon activities as it was planned in the future, but the tragic events related to Covid probably killed that idea for always.

Spring is coming if you are looking for some interesting activity which will remember forever just contact and go to Biebrze region to overfly it by balloon. This is probably the best way to experience Baloon excursions quite near Warsaw. Beautiful views and super nice photos are guaranteed there.

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