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Places to swim around Warsaw, lakes and beaches on the rivers near Warsaw


In the vicinity of Warsaw there is still a lot of places where you can swim and chill on hot days. The demand for water spots is still bigger than the current availability. New objects like a water park Bajka or Suntango are not able to let this lack. Subsequent new places over the water are created, many of them due to Covid will be opened in 2022.

Where to go to search for places / beaches where we can swim in near Warsaw ?

Water spots -North-East direction from Warsaw

A place that comes to mind first is Zegrzyński artificial lake and its surroundings. Among the beaches here, a resort in Rynia Rynia- Rewita should be considered. It is well-kept, unfortunately, the water in the brine does not look brilliant nice.

The Municipal Beach in Serock is also interesting. The problem in both cases is a great traffic jams in getting to these places. Especially during weekends. To Serock we can take a water tram from Warsaw.


Alternative may be a Dziekanowskie Lake. It is a lot of wild but and here you will find a place where you can swim.

It is also a good idea to opt for Wkra river where we find a sandy beaches in Kosewko. However, there may be a lot of people here too.Plaza Kosewko nad Wkrą – YouTube. Another interesting place in Wkra region is located above the Koza bar(grass beach). There is a shallow, it’s an ideal place for children.


Finally, closer to Warsaw just behind the Legionowo, lake of Trzcianny, a small artificial lake with a sandy beach.If we are looking for peace, it can be a good idea to go to the beaches over the Bug river, eg to Kuligów. Here you can also slow down space is quite. Artificial lake in Słopsk is close too , here You can enjoy beautiful views.

East direction – Beaches on the river Świder but not only the river Liwiec can be a star

To the east of Warsaw, there are no shortage sites. The Beaches on the Świder River deserve a distinction.

At the same time, it’s worth thinking about this closer. We also find small beaches at the mouth of the Mienia river to Świder, this is one of the most beautiful places in the vicinity of Warsaw.


If we want to avoid crowds and canoeists, it is worth going up a Świder, in the vicinity of Radachówka village you will find less crowded small beaches.

Intimate natural small lakes can be find in Zielonka, not far from Warsaw, with good access by the local train. Glinianki/ Glinki of Zielonka is also the preferred location for winter swimmers.

Winter Swimming Warsaw 4 most popular spots where to practice winter swimming

The commercial artificial lake is waiting for us in Kąck, a good place if we plan to go with children. With a large number of people, you should be patient when handling in a restaruration. We also have a forest where we can find shelter in the shade.

One of the new beaches is also this at Lake Rokola, created by local residents. Until now, this beautiful lake was very difficult to reach/ swim. Now we can swim in it.

It is worth remembering a Liwiec river, this beautiful river is now near Warsaw as never before. Tile and the pure plaintiff is a reason to choose to go  here. Beautiful intimate beaches can be found at the height of Sowia Góra.

Interesting places to sunbathing are also in the Borzychy, Stara Wieś, Urle and Loretto. A place worth emphasizing is the  Dwór Paplin, we have excellent kitchens and a moody place here, a mini beach is also planned during the season.

South and West direction from Warsaw

South from Warsaw, there are not many places to be placed, exceptions are a water reservoir in Zalesie Górne. Recently, there were interesting investment plans for a lake in Cieciszew, this is a beautiful lake, however, sparsely developed.

An alternative may be going to the Pilica near Warka. Here we will spend time in the Winiary camping, the perfect base for water exploration of Warka area.

On the other side of the Vistula, the Water Park Mamut in Garwolin is expanding, a new restaurant and a barbecue is under construction. On-site accommodation options will also appear.

In the same area but a little further we find EKO  Farm Żelechów. For several years, infrastructure has been improving, there are houses and a restaurant on site. Perfect for funs of  Fishing, but not only.

Following the west direction – the choice of water places is greater

Following more west from Warsaw, the choice seems to be greater. We will find here Gostyninskie Lake District with the nearest Warsaw lake Zdworskie.

We can also drip in the lake in Grzegorzewice near Mszczonów, here also let alone a good fish. Nearby, we also have a tourist water sport of Saint Anna’s pond.


Nearby we also have a new revitalized artificial lake in Żyrardów, a good place to rest after visiting the industrial attractions of Żyrardów.

If we are looking for peace, it is worth looking for an intimate beach on the Rawka River, near the village of Ziemiary. There is really beautiful here. The iconic beach over Rawka is the Oberwanka near Skierniewice.

A small beach over the Bzura is offered by the MOTO PRZYSTAŃ Plecewice, a perfect place for canoeing expeditions for families not far from Warsaw. Possibility to overnight here in decent conditions, camper-ready place too.

Family-friendly kayaking routes near to Warsaw – interesting recommendations

Further places to the beach can be found in the area of ​​Łódź thanks to the A2 motorway, we will come here really quickly. It is worth mentioning the Land of Wild duck(Kraina Dzikiej Kaczki). An intimate place for the children and at the same time very close to the magnificent Arboretum in Rogów.

Soon they should also end work on the Lisowice water reservoir on the Mroga River.  Water center is still under construction here.

Water Parks – Błonie Santungo, Julinek, Bińkowski Pools – There will be new investments

Natural water reservoirs are still in the vicinity of Warsaw. Therefore, new water parks are created. Powerful Suntango is certainly an excellent winter proposition.

In turn, the water park of Błonie is probably the most-described water place near Warszawy. For sure it is worth visiting, although there can be crowds here. Especially during weekends.

Further water investments also planned at the Julinek entertainment park. They were supposed to be ready in 2021 but Covid disrupted the inverting process. The park announces that it will be ready with water new products for a year. But even know nice water slides are available here.

The tropical Bińkowski pools after Kielce also end their water investments, especially by night with ceiling lighting, is very nice here. A good place to rest after a successful weekend in the Swietokrzyski Regin.

Certainly, this is not the end and investment and 2022 will bring further new products among the aquatic attractions. With the devotion of the tunnel under Ursynow, the road to the land of the river Liwiec or Świder will significantly be shortened, we also get faster to Garwolin and to Eko Farm in Żelechów. We will save up to 30 minutes one way and it’s really good news.

Let’s also visit the beautiful Vistula Beaches Ciszyca and Łomna.

The most beautiful natural beaches on the Vistula River near Warsaw – Ciszyca, Łomna

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